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I want to buy these stickers but the price changes at checkout! Why is this happening?

We promise that we are not trying to increase the prices at checkout and that this is simply a currency conversion you are seeing! 

Our store is based in Canada and prices are displayed in CAD dollars at checkout. You will only be charged the price you see in your currency. We have tried to make things a bit easier, by having an option to change the currency when viewing the products in the home page.

I bought these stickers but did not receive a download link. What should I do?

The digital download file for the stickers is sent automatically after an order is confirmed. If you did not receive an email, please check your junk folder as we have had instances of orders going there.

If you are still unable to locate the email coming from OCNPresets, you might have accidentally typed the wrong email or forgot to add one to your order. No worries, please email use with your order number and state which email address you wish for the files to be re-sent to.

How do I download the stickers on my phone?

We highly recommend you use a desktop to unzip the files and Airdrop the files to your iPhone if you are an IOS user.

You can unzip the files on an iPhone but please allow for about 5 mins for the stickerd to download as it is a large file.

Im trying to download the stickers and nothing is loading. How do I fix this?

If you are having trouble downloading these on an iPhone, we suggest waiting a few minutes to allow for the file to download. Please do not refresh the page as this will disrupt the download and restart from the beginning.

Make sure to have enough storage on your phone as this may be a problem as well. Restarting a phone sometimes helps.

If the problem continues, please unzip the files on a desktop and use Dropbox or Airdrop to access them on your phone.

I’m an Android user. Would I be able to use these?!

Yes. The stickers will work on Android smartphones and tablets when used with the app “Over”. This app is free to download in both the App Store and the Google Store. You do need to upgrade to the Pro version to be able to layer stickers on a post.

How do I copy and paste these stickers on a story?

For IOS users: This part is so fun! Once you have your files all downloaded and saved to your files and/or camera roll, the next part is a breeze.

Click on any individual sticker file ( this does not work for fonts ) on your camera roll or “files” app and find the arrow at the bottom right corner of the screen. FYI: This is the same arrow you click on to message a photo to someone, mail, add to wallpaper etc.

You will then “copy” the sticker you wish to add to an IG story. 

Open the IG app, click on a photo or video you want to add to your story and “paste” the sticker on top. If you are having trouble with this step, please head over to our IG page :  @readystickgo where we have put together a step by step guide on this.  

How do I install the fonts?!

The fonts are super easy to install and use just like the stickers!

1.You will need to download the free app “Over” ( you do not need the Pro version to use these fonts).

2.Once you have the app downloaded, please copy the font file over to the app. If you are having trouble with how to do this, we have a thorough step by step guide on our IG page ( @readystickgo) that walks you through the steps.

3. After installing the fonts on Over, you will use the “text” button to write anything using the different fonts 

4. Please make sure that the background behind the text is transparent. This is an option in Over and will help when saving your photo as a PNG file.

5. Once you are done with writing your text, please click on the yellow arrow on the top right of the page. 

6. You can either save your text in a PNG form or click on “more” and “copy” just like you would for the stickers.

7. If you wish the paste the font on IG stories, simply open IG stories, pick a photo or video you want as the background and press “paste” for the font to appear.

If you are having trouble with how to copy and paste stickers and fonts, please visit our IG page : @readystickgo for tutorial help.

How can I add doodles to photos ( not just IG stories)?

Believe it or not, these doodles can be used almost anywhere that allows you to edit photos by layering objects! This includes photoshop, picmonkey, photoshop mix, Over etc.

We love using the app Over to work on photos. You can “copy” stickers from your camera roll and “paste” them on the app to make doodles on a photo. You can then save the photo and post to your blog, IG feed, IG stories, Pinterest page etc.

The possibilities are endless and these stickers can be used to make flyers, invitation cards, banners, etc.

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